We hop on a 60-minute discovery session to get to know each other on a more human level. We’ll drive right into the work, so you can get a feel of my approach and style. Nothing’s off the table. Let’s talk about relationships, dating, career, pivoting jobs, finishing projects, starting businesses - really whatever’s on your mind. It’s all related! Together we’ll sketch out a full picture of where you’re at currently and where you’d like to be.

The space is ours. We’ll exchange experiences, struggles, and dreams. I show up with an open heart and mind ready to address your needs holistically. Once we’ve established a groove, I’ll share a brief overview of the program and answer all your questions about coaching, process, and logistics. I offer coaching packages which are individually tailored based on your needs (session frequency, program length, etc.)

You’ll leave feeling energized with an email full of takeaways and clear next steps (no strings attached). It’s an investment, so take the time you need. Typically I follow up within in a weeks time. This is when we decide if we’re a good fit. If yes, we’ll map out what the journey looks like ahead.

I was going through an incredibly difficult time in my life when I first started my sessions with Gabby, but she slowly pulled me out of a fog that I never thought I would be able to clear on my own.
— Vivian Lin


You’ll leave every session with a deeper understanding of who you are. As someone who cares about the greater good, it’s essential for your well-being to equip yourself with mindsets and practices that allow you to consistently show up as your whole self.

An adaptive values system. Together we’ll establish what you truly value. We’ll identify the “shoulds” that were assigned to you and spend time unlearning those beliefs and stories. Without these blocks, you’ll be able to make more empowered choices from a place of wholeness and inner alignment.

A robust toolkit of emotional and tactical strategies with hours of practice under your belt. Because you trust yourself fully, you’ll continue making a deep impact on the lives of others’ without sacrificing the necessary time needed to rest, play and heal.