You’re frustrated because you’re stuck repeating unhealthy relationship habits over and over.


You want someone to build a life and a future with, but you don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. Instead of being interested in people who are good for you, you ignore red flags and constantly chase people who are unavailable, distant, and aloof.


Dating is overwhelming and you wish you could just chill out. Your eyes are glued to your phone hoping you hear from them. You overthink everything and always assume that it won't work out. You worry that they'll leave you or lose interest because you're too much or not good enough. It's hard to focus on anything else in your life, especially when they don't text back within 24 hours


Going with the flow is exhausting, but you don’t want to be the one who cares more because you’ve been taken for granted in the past. Even though they’re still around, you feel lonely because you’re not your authentic self. In the past, you’ve tried being yourself before but that only scares them off. No matter what you do, you feel like you're failing.


You often feel stupid for being the one who cares more, invests more, and communicates more upfront. So you try to make yourself more attractive by being mysterious, independent, and busy. It works for a few weeks, but then they pull away and your connection eventually fizzles out.


You’ve devoted the last few years of your life to healing, understanding your needs more deeply, and working on your ability to effectively communicate these needs, but you’re still attracting people who are emotionally detached. No matter how much you heal and grow, it feels like you’re still missing something

Imagine if this weren’t an issue anymore…


What if there was a way to gain confidence and heal your insecurities so that you can find your special someone? A way that doesn’t leave you constantly exhausted and anxious, so that you have the energy and enthusiasm to become the best partner you can be


Imagine having the intimacy skills and tools needed to build a lasting relationship. In just 4 weeks, you'll be relationship-ready and will start showing up as the best version of yourself. You start spotting people who are more aligned with you and your values. You successfully filter out people who are afraid of intimacy and instead find someone who wants commitment as much as you do. You’ve healed your rejection and abandonment wounds so that you only fall for healthy and secure types.


You’re finally ready to let the right people in your life! Imagine finding someone you can be your full self around. You feel safe around them to ask deep questions, talk about your ambitions, and express your needs. You have more energy for your friends and career because you’re dating someone who is consistently there for you.


It feels good knowing that you’re on the same page and the relationship is moving towards a shared vision. They plan dates, take initiative, and support you when things get tough. You feel calm being around them and your mind is clear. 


A clear mind helps you fall in love with reality instead of potential! You now have more energy to pursue your passions in and outside of the relationship. You’re growing into the best version of yourself and you have the skills to build something lasting!


It's 100% possible to heal your wounds so that you can finally find your person! ;)

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Dating is a constant struggle because you get too emotionally involved which causes you to overthink everything.
  • You change who you are to become more attractive to the person you’re interested in.
  • You romanticize the people you’re interested in and put them on a pedestal
  • You’re not seeing results in your romantic life because you lack the relationship skills needed to build a long-lasting healthy relationship.
  • You dread dating because even though you try hard to catch all the red flags, you still miss the warning signs
  • You’re afraid of dating someone who is emotionally detached, emotionally controlling, or narcissistic AGAIN.
  • You feel like you’re doomed to attract hurtful and toxic relationships forever!

You can heal your insecurities and find real love... and I can help!

Hey there, I'm Gabby!

I’m a dating coach for helps singles who struggle to find love because they’re stuck dating people who ghost after dating for a few months, pull away emotionally, or end things suddenly.

You’ll learn exactly what to do to heal your past relationship wounds so that you stop chasing after avoidant types and start dating secure types.

Together, we'll create an individualized healing plan that
 helps you become the best version of yourself so that you can choose the right fit partner.

When we’re done, you’ll feel confident creating the healthy and committed relationship of your dreams.

As a result of the program, you’ll…

  • Feel excited to get back out there because your head is clear and you’re more interested in available and secure types.

  • Enjoy dating again because you’re calm and can confidently identify when someone is good for you and when they’re not.

  • Show your authentic self sooner so that you can find a partner who meets your needs and commits.

  • Heal your attachments and insecurities so that you lose interest and attraction towards people who are emotionally distant for good.

  • Break hurtful and toxic relationship patterns so that you can navigate dating with a clear and confident mind.

  • Trust your gut so that you can find people in the dating pool who are ready for a relationship and not afraid of intimacy.


Heal Yourself and Find Real Love includes...


Identifying Your Core Wounds

Before our coaching sessions, you’ll complete an online assessment that helps you identify what limiting beliefs and insecurities are keeping you stuck. Identifying unhealed wounds helps you lose interest in people who chip at your self-worth and make you feel insecure. Once we identify your wounds, you’ll feel confident receiving intimacy from people who are good for you. Your responses will help us pinpoint what mistakes you’re making in your relationships so that you can spend the next 4 weeks healing and shifting hurtful habits. 


Healing Your Wounds

We’ll spend 4 weeks together so that you have the one-on-one support needed to heal your insecurities so that you can create fulfilling relationships. During our weekly video Zoom coaching sessions, you’ll learn what’s holding you back so that you can shift old patterns and create new healthy ones. You’ll learn the skills needed to attract and maintain healthier relationships for good. 


Developing Real Intimacy and Love

After every session, you’ll receive an email with your exact next steps to eliminate any overthinking or doubt. You’ll leave every session feeling supported, understood and ready to take action. You’ll also receive weekly educational content and tools to implement in between each coaching session so that you can develop long-term healthy relationship skills. 


Healing and Moving Forward

Two weeks after our final coaching session, we’ll check in to see how you’re doing and adjust your healing plan as needed. At this point, you’ve healed some of your wounds already and are seeing love and dating in a brand new light. You’ll leave our 30-minute follow-up session feeling confident and excited about your relationships again! 

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: Identify core wounds
Week 2: Develop real intimacy
Week 3: Heal your insecurities & attachments
Week 4: Thrive in your relationships 

[Every week we’ll hop on a 60-minute Zoom coaching call. That’s 4 sessions in total.]

Two weeks later, we’ll schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to make any adjustments to your healing plan.


Yay! You’re ready to become the best you can be!


Your investment is...

Let's get started!

Step 1. Invest in your healing by making your payment here.
Step 2. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with the link to the assessment.
Step 3. Complete the self-assessment (it takes 20 minutes).
Step 4. Book your introduction session and we’ll get to work!

Still have questions? I’ll be happy to help! Email me at [email protected]

How is this program different than the other ones?

What Past Clients Are Saying:

"Past relationships had me convinced that what I wanted and needed from an intimate partnership was silly or "too much." Working with Gabby, I learned to recognize that the experiences that hurt my heart the most were signs of how much I cared and wanted to be and feel loved. I uncovered my core gifts and finally had WORDS for what I needed in romantic relationships and now, I'm dating a person who values everything I bring to the table. It feels like magic, but Gabby's work is rooted in wisdom and her own life experience. If you're looking for somebody who knows her stuff, don't hesitate. Work with Gabby!" - Shelby F.

"If you feel stuck like you’re desiring more from your romantic connections and ready for love, I truly recommend working with Gabby one-on-one. If someone told me that each session would bring about such quick and progressive change, I wouldn’t believe them, but it happens that quickly with Gabby. My dating life feels exciting now with deeper connections, honoring my gifts and knowing that the relationship I’ve always wanted IS possible, and I have Gabby to thank for that!" - Lizzy Z

“Gabby has been SO supportive during my dating journey. She holds space for and validates my emotions and also challenges me to rewrite stories that are holding me back. She has such a gift to empower you to stand in your power, values, and gifts so that you can share that with another badass human in a romantic relationship that actually supports you and inspires you. I cannot recommend working with Gabby enough.” - Molly S.