You work on yourself constantly but still feel hopeless about love.

You love love. You want to find someone to share your life with. But whenever you meet someone new, things seem good for a few weeks... until you end up disappointed. You hate how you can't find someone who puts in effort as much as you do.

Every day you wonder if you’re going to live your life alone. You're afraid you will never find your person or feel good enough for love. Even though you feel hopeless, you still try hard to find your person (sometimes too hard).

You’ll know that things would be better in your relationships if you were more vulnerable, but you’re afraid of being rejected or abandoned, so you don’t do it. Instead, you hold your feelings in and isolate yourself.

You worry that you’re not a good partner. You try to be secure, but you sabotage things out of fear and past experiences. You know that if you want a healthy and confident partner, then you must be a healthy and confident person. You're tired of repeating the same patterns over and over.  It's time to heal and get unstuck!

If only creating your dream relationship wasn’t so… hard.


Imagine being the best version of yourself. You understand yourself more and are better at building long-lasting healthy relationships. Dating is easier because you trust yourself to make decisions. You know who is right for you, what to say to them and how to find them. You're ready for love!  

Because you're being authentic, you find someone who commits to you as much as you commit to them. Even though it feels like magic, you know you put in the work to make it happen. It feels good to be desired, loved, and appreciated. You’re building something lasting with a partner who loves and respects you. You're finally in a well-balanced relationship!

After an exciting workday, you can’t wait to come home and tell them all about it. Because you feel happy and secure in the relationship, you have more time and energy to be creative and do the things you love. You love being around them (and they love being around you)! 

You found someone you’re attracted to who equally puts in the effort to make the relationship work. You’re thriving in your life and your relationships! Being in love makes you feel like you can conquer anything that life throws at you!

How would it feel to:

  • Be clear-minded and present in your everyday life?
  • Be able to know who is right for you so that you can find the love of your life?
  • Create a fulfilling relationship that lasts for a lifetime instead of a few months?
  • Know that you’re good enough and pick a life partner from a place of worthiness?
  • Speak up for yourself and know that your partner will stay and take care of you?
  • Find someone you’re attracted to who wants to build a life with you?
  • Pass on the tools needed to create healthy relationships to future generations?

You CAN create the relationship of dreams… and I can help!

Hey there, I'm Gabby!

I coach singles that work on themselves but are still feeling hopeless about love.

They’re afraid they will never find their person or feel good enough for love.

I help them understand themselves better and feel confident in who they are so that they can find someone special to enjoy life with. 

After completing Finally Found You you’ll:

  • Be ready to communicate your most important needs and desires so that you have more successful and well-balanced relationships.
  • Have a step-by-step plan for meeting people that want a long-term committed relationship so you can create the relationship of your dreams.
  • Know and love yourself more fully so that you can be present at work, with your friends, and in your relationship.
  • Be more comfortable showing your truest self while dating so that you can be your authentic self when you’re with your person.
  • Become the best version of yourself so that you can be the best partner you can be and reach your greatest potential.

Finally Found You Includes:

Find Healthy Love
I'll teach you everything I know about love, dating, and intimacy. This program includes twelve 60-minute coaching Zoom sessions with me. You'll have the privacy, space, and one-on-one care to dive into deep and sensitive topics. You'll have the support to heal your wounds and past attachments so that you can find a happy and healthy relationship. 

Dating Profile Makeover
During a 45-minute Zoom call, we'll give your online dating profile a makeover. Be the end of this session, you'll have a complete profile with photos and in-depth responses that help you attract the right fit person for you. 

Your Dating Coach On Speed Dial 
You'll receive one-on-one support from me Monday-Friday via Whatsapp. If you have a terrible date or if you're overthinking what you should do next, you'll have direct access to me so that you can break hurtful patterns for good. You'll leave each conversation feeling taken care of. Together we'll create your next steps so that you feel confident moving forward.

Customized Tools & Practices That Work
In addition to the weekly curriculum, you'll receive individualized tools and practices after every session via email. You'll leap into action without overthinking and procrastinating. These practices aren't general or formulaic. Instead, they're designed and created for you so that you can get the best results.

A Personalized Guide To Deepen Your Relationships
During the program, you will create a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to trust yourself, ditch your baggage, and date with confidence. This custom 20+ page resource will help you create the relationship of your dreams.

Yay! You’re ready to finally find your person!

The investment in yourself is:

$4,597 full or 8 monthly payments of $625.

This program is so much more than finding your person.
It's about teaching you the skills needed to trust yourself so that you can build a fulfilling life! 

Last chance to apply to Finally Found You. Doors close on  February 18, 2022. 

*Doors are now closed.*


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What Past Clients Are Saying:

"Since working with Gabby, I started a relationship where there's finally mutual excitement!! I've developed tools to deepen my friendships, my relationships with family and coworkers. I've shifted my perspective in so many ways. Before the program, I felt hopeless, lazy, nervous, and self-deprecating. Now I’m calm, clear, and confident! I’m more open to sharing how I feel and have learned to value the parts of me I found shameful. It felt natural to be my most vulnerable self with her! Gabby is great at asking questions that challenged me to think more deeply about my assumptions. After 33 f*cking years, I finally embrace who I am and I’m loving it! I don't know how I can ever thank Gabby enough, truly." - Laura M.

"For 7 years, I felt lost. I thought I knew what my goal was, but I didn't know what to do and where to start. Now I’m clear on who I am, what I am looking for, what my goal is, and how to get there. Most importantly, I know, love, and trust myself! Since working with Gabby, I'm not afraid of speaking up, asking for something, sharing my true feelings, and listening to my gut feeling. I couldn't even think about these things before the program. Now I accept myself for who I am! I’m not ashamed of being an introvert, being a planner, being emotional, or being sensitive. I have also met someone! it’s still very early to say, but my heart is growing so much!" -HK

"I have done a lot of self-help programs and books over the years and this has been the one that changed me the most! Gabby taught me that you don't need to change to date or find the "one". You need to be more yourself instead. This course helps you become more YOU. This work has reached beyond my dating self. I've developed a more solid inner being!" - Suzanne

"Past relationships had me convinced that what I wanted and needed from an intimate partnership was silly or "too much." Working with Gabby, I learned to recognize that the experiences that hurt my heart the most were signs of how much I cared and wanted to be and feel loved. I uncovered my core gifts and finally had WORDS for what I needed in romantic relationships and now, I'm dating a person who values everything I bring to the table. It feels like magic, but Gabby's work is rooted in wisdom and her own life experience. If you're looking for somebody who knows her stuff, don't hesitate. Work with Gabby!" - Shelby F.

"I consulted with Gabby after 2 frustrating years of directionless situationships that ended in ghosting and a realized need for change. Gabby kindly and patiently worked with me through 12 weeks (32 dates, 4 relationships, 3 breakups, and finally 1 amazing potential partner), and helped me look inward to identify what I need, and how I can advance or end relationships. From her coaching, I learned to date without waiting to be chosen. If you're feeling like I was, frustrated, ghosted, hurt, heartbroken, this is the perfect time to pursue this coaching!" - Elizabeth

Since I started working with Gabby, I'm dating a WONDERFUL person. I have a complete understanding of why I had been dating unsuccessfully for decades. I can move on more quickly from dates that don't feel right and I am beginning to let go of my feelings for exes. I've also experienced transformations outside of dating! At first, I was worried about the cost versus the benefits, and I was concerned that maybe I would encounter the same advice that I had been reading for decades in dating self-help books that weren't helpful. The program was life-changing (and I am not exaggerating). I have done a lot of therapy and read a lot of self-help books so I have a decent perspective on this!” - AS

“Before I started coaching, I felt stuck in the same patterns. I was upset with how all of my dates turned out and lonely from the constant promise of connection (but it failed). After working with Gabby, I'm free to be my authentic self. I'm confident in asking for what I need and I'm hopeful that I will find the person that's right for me. I'm much better at identifying people that would be a good fit and I'm cycling through people that are not a good fit faster. I feel less attached to people who aren't meeting my needs. I've learned how to trust myself more and reflect on what my anxiety is telling me. Gabby's AMAZING!!! I can't even believe that I hesitated to sign-up now that I've been through the program.” - Natasha


Common questions and concerns

"If you feel stuck like you’re desiring more from your romantic connections and ready for love, I truly recommend working with Gabby one-on-one. If someone told me that each session would bring about such quick and progressive change, I wouldn’t believe them, but it happens that quickly with Gabby. My dating life feels exciting now with deeper connections, honoring my gifts and knowing that the relationship I’ve always wanted IS possible, and I have Gabby to thank for that!" - Lizzy Z

“Gabby taught me that finding the right person is finding someone who accepts you for who you are right from the start. Since my sessions with Gabby, I am now in a happy and healthy relationship, and still use a lot of the things she taught me to improve and build on it.” - RS

"I would recommend Finally Found You to people that want to know why they’ve been in the same pattern over and over again. Before working with Gabby, I felt unworthy, not enough, and confused. Within 4 months, I feel more comfortable about my value and what I am looking for. I finally feel enough, content and awesome! I had such a great experience with this program and it was worth every penny." - J

“Gabby has been SO supportive during my dating journey. She holds space for and validates my emotions and also challenges me to rewrite stories that are holding me back. She has such a gift to empower you to stand in your power, values, and gifts so that you can share that with another badass human in a romantic relationship that actually supports you and inspires you. I cannot recommend working with Gabby enough.” - Molly S.

"Before working with Gabby, I was wondering if it would actually be effective and it turned out it was!! Since we started working together, I have a much better mindset towards dating. I also the ability to trust myself! I would absolutely recommend this program and working with Gabby if you want to learn what relationships are good and healthy for you.“ - HN 

Last chance to apply for coaching!
Doors close on 2/18/2022.

Let's find your person.

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