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Workaholism: Shifting from Hustle to Flow

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s not all on you to figure out “work-life balance.” Together we examine the real barriers and challenges to living a well-balanced life by shifting responsibility from the individual to the collective.

It’s in our power to create a culture that promotes TRUST over HUSTLE. We build trust by having real and intentional conversations. So, let’s get real. We create an emotionally safe container to explore the following:

  • Is 40 hours a week too much?

  • How can we create a life that truly integrates work and life?

  • What boundaries and support structures can we put in place?

  • How can we create a culture that supports work-life integration?

  • What does transparent communication on teams and with clients look like in practice?

  • What is the individual's role and responsibility in all of this?

  • What does rest look like to YOU?

Let’s get clear on how we support each other while reinventing the future of work and life.

This is a safe and inclusive space. Your feelings will be honored and validated. All experiences and opinions are welcome.

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