You aspire to be the best possible version of yourself. You know it takes hard work to show up for yourself every single day. You dream of creating things that provide value to others. You’d like to create space for rest and play (your productive self will thank you for it later).

You’re curious what would happen if your inner critic didn’t run the show. You’d like to feel respected in situations where you’ve felt unheard or unseen. You’re ready to make confident decisions that align with your purpose, values, and boundaries.

You’re ready to take action. You value your emotional, physical and mental well-being just as much as productivity and success. You are constantly on the move, but you know that pausing and reflecting helps you make better decisions. You see the power in connection and not doing things alone. You value understanding your boundaries so that you can say yes to the things that fulfill you and no to things that drain you.

You like feeling free to explore options. This helps get your creative juices flowing. The heart of your work is connecting with people and creating things that provide value. You know that in order to show up as your best self you need to understand the complexities of your racial and gender identities. When it comes to challenges, you reach for sustainable, long-term solutions over cheap, quick fixes.



Accountability. You hold yourself accountable. And I hold you accountable to yourself. I create an emotionally safe, judgement-free container. I understand the nuances and complexities of situations and know that things are not black and white. I’m not here to tell you want to do. I’m here to listen and hold you accountable to the defined values we created together.

A safe space to expand. You give yourself permission to use your voice, invest in yourself, and carve out necessary rest time. We explore what you strongly believe in so you can show up in difficult conversations. You test out different self-care rituals to see what works for you. You give yourself permission to show up fully as your real self (all identities accounted for). You get comfortable defining what you need and spend time practicing.

Empowered choices. Empowered choices are whole choices that embody your mind, body, and emotions. We’ll start by getting clear on what you value and what your limits are. Without this in place, decision making can be a draining process that takes days, years, even a lifetime. Together we’ll work on becoming aware of how choices bring us closer or further away from ourselves, each other, and society.