Hey there! I’m Gabrielle Valdes, Gabby for short.

I spend my days unlearning the fast-paced, perfectionistic, hustle culture and relearning how to be kind to myself and other human beings.

I’m passionate about creating conscious and messy relationships - romantic, dating, work, familial and friendships. “The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships — which are basically a reflection of your sense of decency, your ability to think of others, your generosity.” Esther Perel - I couldn’t agree more.

With support from my community, I made the commitment to be alcohol-free for the next year. I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol for the last 10 years, so I’ve decided to step back from my old lifestyle and recreate a new way of living from a fresh perspective.

My life’s work is supporting others who are on a similar journey. I’m a boundaries coach for overachievers who want to live more intentionally around work, love and alcohol. I use my background in behavioral analysis (M.Ed), life coaching, communications, community building and project management to help overachievers shift from hustle to self-trust. Together we co-create a process, practical tools and frameworks that support them while they build an intentional and emotionally resilient life.

When I’m not coaching, I’m scaling a rock wall for the thrill of it or expanding my mind with The School of Life videos and books. I’m a proud desert plant and calico cat mom. Late to the game, but I recently experienced the joys of caffeine and CBD. Officially obsessed with black coffee, dirty chais and CBD infused kombucha.

This season I’ve challenged myself to use my voice and step into my truth. I’ve been known to play it small in the past. Because of this, ISMs was born. ISMs is a podcast committed to having real and intentional conversations about society's templates around work, love and alcohol. It’s time to get real y’all.