You are made by what you say “no” to.


I help the overachiever create boundaries around work, love, and alcohol.

You’re overworked, engaging in mindless drinking, and expecting love to come easy.

Without boundaries, you struggle to say no to your team because you’ll come across as incompetent. You say yes to drinking the night before but immediately regret it the morning after. In dating or relationship, you expect love to be conflict-free and that others’ will intuit your every need.

These are stories we live by. And they are detrimental to our well-being and others’. Trust. I’ve been there. For the longest time, having my boundaries crossed was the norm.

Resilient people in life are the ones’ who can recognize their stories and patterns. You’re busy, I get that. You don’t have anymore time to waste living life defensively. It’s exhausting to repeat fear patterns.

You want to feel empowered with every choice you make. Know that power comes from self-awareness. Awareness creates opportunities to be radically honest with yourself and others’. Boundaries will emerge. You deserve to have healthy parameters around work, partnerships, and alcohol.

Hey there, I’m Gabby. I’m a boundaries coach for overachievers who aspire to say “yes” to themselves. We work together to get clear on your stories, needs, and values. You leave knowing how to state your needs with ease and respect. You’re on your way to living a life full of intention, self-awareness, and emotional resilience.


Does this sound like you?

“I feel like I’m drowning. There has to be another way to relate to my emotions and my experiences.”

“I’m not showing up the way I want to in my choices around work, booze, and relationships.”

“My energy is precious. I don’t want to waste any more time doing things that don’t add value to my life.”

“I drank too much last night and I’m questioning the role that alcohol has in my life.

“I spend too much time ruminating and doubting myself. If I had boundaries, I would trust myself and others’ more.

“I’m constantly looking for answers outside myself. I seek validation from friends, colleagues, “experts”, family, self-help books, and Google.”

“I’m not going to let another year pass me by. This year I’m going to get right with myself and my mental health.”

“I'm deeply terrified of rejection and abandonment which forces me to compromise myself and close myself off to real connection.”


After working with me you will…

Know yourself. Because of this you spend less time in overwhelm, rumination, and self-doubt.

Trust yourself. You spend less time seeking validation from others and searching for answers outside of yourself.

Feel confident and empowered because you have the skills and practice to sustain your well-being.

Reach for yourself instead of buying self-help books and spending energy on what you “should” be doing.

Go for what you want and make more empowered choices because you know your worth and values.

Understand your emotions and have tools for working with them.

Form and sustain authentic relationships. You relate to yourself and others in a genuine and vulnerable way.


Together we build a bridge to help you get from you’re at to where you want to be.

I bring my skills from behavioral analysis (M.Ed), project management, and coaching to provide you with tools and frameworks that:

Create a safe space to process emotions, narratives, and behaviors.

Help you get clear on your boundaries. Defined boundaries help you vulnerably and effectively communicate your needs with others.

Learn and practice skills that help you communicate compassionately with yourself and others.

Create an adaptive values system that allow you to make more empowered choices from a place of integrity.

Tools and frameworks to expand self-awareness and pattern recognition (emotional, behavioral, somatic).


Before Gabby and I connected, I was looking for the opportunity to align my work with my values and design my life in a way that allowed for happiness and growth. In just 10 sessions with Gabby, I was able to re-frame my life goals, reduce my negative self-talk, realign and re-imagine possibilities, while embracing ambiguity. With Gabby's authentic coaching style, my goals became more achievable (by breaking steps down into smaller pieces) and I was able to move toward my dream job (for now) without fear. In our time together, there was laughter, learning and she even helped me pick a new pair of glasses!

- Jennifer L.

Jennifer_ Headshot.jpg

As someone who is conscious of making recommendations of any kind, I enthusiastically recommend Gabby to everyone. I met her at a moment of intense reflection where I was more deeply evaluating the different dimensions of my life and the behaviors and patterns that informed my mindset and behaviors. I had spent a lot of time in my head and needed a thought partner to help me make subtle changes. These tweaks have transformed my life. With Gabby, life coaching is about exploration. She creates a very safe space to openly reflect, question, and make choices - about who you are and who you wish to become.

- Callie C.


I know life coaching can sound cheesy, but it's one of the best investments I've made in myself. Having an outside perspective helped me to rethink what was possible. Through working with Gabby, I restructured my businesses in ways I couldn't have imagined, began to own my voice, and re-framed some of my professional relationships. Before working with Gabby, I was stressed out and stretched thin, trying to fit my big dreams into a framework that no longer served me. Now, I see more possibility, and I feel empowered to grow my businesses in a way that's authentic to me!

- Taylor M.


Gabby’s coaching has helped me to better know myself, my needs, and my possibilities. Our work together has also helped me to refocus on my well-being and work toward the life I want for myself. Gabby is an incredible listener and asks great questions that help get to the bottom of challenges. Our conversations gave me actionable steps to move forward on pursuing my growth. Gabby is insightful and has a gift for helping me see myself more clearly. I feel lighter after our sessions!

- Melina M.

Ready to live an intentional and emotionally resilient life?